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The 20 best podcasts to listen to at work

Working from home allows you to be productive at the time that works best for you. A two year study from Stanford showed that telecommuters were twice as productive as traditional office employees and turnover decreased by 50% when employees were allowed to work from home. Whatever your morning ritual may be, research shows that beginning your remote work day with exercise and a nourishing breakfast will help you to be more productive and have a positive attitude to start your day. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at hybrid work schedule, its advantages and disadvantages, the best hybrid work practices, management tips, tools, and beyond.

Brainstorm topics independently or with colleagues to define learning goals that align with your curriculum, standards, and learning targets that can lead to intentional learning. People probably don’t want to talk too much about money these days but Planet Money explains bits of the economy in a creative and entertaining https://remotemode.net/blog/8-remote-work-podcasts-to-check-out-if-you-wfh/ way. Make sure you’re not too isolated when you’re listening to this one. Take a deep dive into the history of different music genres and bands that takes you deep into their histories and the music that inspired them. So, all you need to do is find the correct show list to improve your motivation at work.

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Another podcast that comes straight from a renowned productivity expert, This is Your Life takes a holistic view of what it takes to be a great leader. I love that he includes insights https://remotemode.net/ on how to be more effective in your personal life as well as at work. Why Doing Less Is The Best Way to Do More (32 min.) is an episode that’s especially worth a listen.

  • How I Built This is an American podcast about “innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built,” according to NPR Media.
  • The Productivity Show is a podcast from Asian Efficiency, which is a productivity training organization.
  • For entrepreneurs who work remotely and are part of a growing organization, sharing ideas with fellow remote CEOs and startup executives is essential.
  • Whether it’s driving to work in the morning or washing a towering pile of plates, listening to amazing podcasts can make your agonizing work more bearable and enjoyable.
  • “Tune in if you’re ready to take your life to the next level.” Mindset Mentor makes the meantime of a mean workout more meaningful.

Each episode is an inspiring take on expanding your creativity, your curiosity, your skill set, and your goals and ambitions—and they host some pretty amazing people in the career space. As someone who values building great products, it’s super valuable to hear from other people who have built super valuable products and their views of the world. Ultimately, the relationship between listening to podcast and performance of cognitive tasks is not a one-size-fits-all. Even with all the benefits of listening to a podcast while working. What works for you, your attention span and your need for stimulation may not work for the next person. Podcast is found to help people perform better and become more productive even in high-pressure situations.

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Luckily, if you’re struggling to stay sane in your too-quiet (or crowded and distracting) at-home office, there’s something you can do about it. Fill the silence, get inspired, and recreate the energy of a creative, productive environment by downloading a podcast to listen to while you work. Not everyone can have a podcast (or music or a TV show) playing while trying to get work done, but many folks find that the added background noise helps boost their focus and make the hours fly faster.

  • Podcasts will inherently engage your brain, so another part to consider is just getting used to listening to podcasts and using your extra brain stimulation to bolster your performance.
  • If you own an IOS device, such as iPhone, iPod, or Ipad, it is possible to use the Apple podcasts app to listen to podcasts.
  • The best podcasts to listen to next, delivered right to your inbox every week.
  • Learn about cultures across the world, how to create a sacred space, the financing behind building a global business, and more—from scientists, doctors, engineers, and everyone in between.
  • The rise of music streaming services has made it very easy and convenient for people to listen to songs, and as song streaming has grown in popularity, so has podcast streaming.
  • This weekly podcast shares the productivity experiments of Tim Ferris, a New York Times bestselling author.

Taking control of your professional growth will elevate your expertise and propel you to the next level of learning. Ben Greenfield is scholarly in all things fitness, holding double master’s degrees in sports science and exercise physiology. His episodes cover multiple topics like optimizing health and human performance and include interviews with industry-leading experts. From fitness, biohacking, nutrition, fat loss, and anti-aging, to everything in between, this podcast has it all. Sometimes you want a smart discussion about your interests while you’re working out. If you’re interested in sports, you won’t find anyone in the industry smarter than Bomani Jones.

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