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60+ Top Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

We then define a class OrderProcessor that depends on an instance of PaymentGateway. We then use the User instance in the route callback to return the user data. In this example, we’re storing a file in the uploads directory within the storage directory using the store method. We can then https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/senior-php-developer-laravel/ retrieve the file using the get method, and delete it using the delete method. In this example, we’re using the paginate method to retrieve a collection of users and paginate the results into pages of 10 records each. We can then iterate over the paginated collection using a foreach loop.

php laravel developer interview questions

After performing some operations on the fields retrieved from the database, accessors are a way to retrieve data from Eloquent. The first and last names of users, for instance, must be combined whenever data is fetched from eloquent queries, even though there are two fields for these names in the database. PHP traits are a collection of methods that other classes can utilize.

What are the basic database operations you can perform using Eloquent ORM?

If you’re familiar with working with Eloquent models, you know that relationships are defined as methods in your Eloquent model classes. Since relationships also serve as influential query builders, defining relationships as methods provides powerful method chaining and querying capabilities. The register method in the Service Provider class binds classes and services to Service Containers. And the boot method runs after the program includes all the dependencies in the container. Then you can create routes and view composers in the boot method.

php laravel developer interview questions

The composer helps to add fresh new packages and libraries from different sources directly into the application. One of the most common examples used for authentication purposes is a Passport. It generates a composer.json in the project directory to track all linked packages. Bundles are simply packages that increase Laravel’s functionality.

Laravel Interview Questions Answered: Ultimate Guide

It provides an expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API, which can be used to automate repetitive tasks or test JavaScript-driven applications. Middleware provides a way to filter HTTP requests entering your application. For example, Laravel includes middleware to verify the user of your application is authenticated.

php laravel developer interview questions

This package will have features like views, migrations, configuration, tasks, and routes. A route is stored in the routes folder located inside the given root directory of the project. A few different corresponding files to the different application sides exist by default.

How can you create a custom validation rule in Laravel?

It provides a way to add common functionality to all requests, such as authentication and authorization. API routes are used for serving data in JSON format that can be consumed by client-side applications or other APIs. These routes typically use client-side rendering and are used to build single-page applications or mobile applications that use APIs to interact with the server. These controllers are responsible for handling the user login and registration process, resetting passwords, and managing user sessions.

  • If you’re preparing for a job interview focused on PHP Laravel, it’s essential to be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.
  • Reactive systems are an architectural style that allows multiple individual applications to blend into one unit, reacting to their environment, while staying aware of each other.
  • The repository pattern is a design pattern that separates the data access logic from the business logic of an application.
  • If the settings match, then the user is said to be authenticated.
  • You can get the Laravel validate method in the Illuminate\Http\Request object.

In this example, the User model uses the PresentableTrait and sets the $presenter property to UserPresenter. This command will create a new package skeleton in the packages/vendorname/packagename directory. After installing the packages, you need to create a new instance of the Echo object and configure it with the broadcasting details in your resources/js/bootstrap.js file. The idea behind the repository pattern is to create a layer of abstraction between the data access logic and the rest of the application. This makes it easier to switch out the underlying data storage mechanism without affecting the rest of the application.

Can you explain Contracts vs. Facades in Laravel?

In this example, we’re using route model binding to automatically load a User model based on the value of the custom_key column in the database. We specify the custom key name using the getRouteKeyName method on the model. Laravel provides a set of model events that allow you to hook into the lifecycle of a model, such as when it is created, updated, or deleted. You can use model events to perform additional logic or updates when a model is saved or deleted. The request lifecycle in Laravel is the sequence of events that occur when a request is made to the application. The request lifecycle consists of several stages, including the routing, middleware, controller, and response stages.

By using dependency injection, we’re decoupling the UserController from the UserRepository class. This allows us to easily swap out the UserRepository with a different implementation, without having to change any code in the UserController. The factory defines the attributes that should be generated for each user. We’re using the Faker library to generate fake data for the name, email, password, and remember_token attributes.

Error messages can be handled using Laravel’s built-in validation, which will return a JSON response with error messages if validation fails. For other errors, you can use exception handling to return appropriate error messages and status codes. API versioning in Laravel can be handled in various ways, such as adding the version number in the URL, using query parameters, or using custom request headers. Feature tests in Laravel allow you to test a larger portion of your codebase, typically including several objects working together. They can test a full HTTP request or a significant portion of your application.

This method is called after all other service providers have been registered, meaning you have access to all other services that have been registered by the framework. A) Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework, created for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It makes it simple for us to share and modify the database schema for the application. Gates are defined as callback functions that return a boolean value indicating whether or not the user is authorized to perform the requested action. Gates can be defined in a service provider or in a gate provider class, and can be used throughout your application to check user permissions.

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